Lost in Vegas

Coming to Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Orpheum Theater
Sept. 4 - 13
Auditions are June 2-4

Sioux Falls, SD
We have many leads to fill from ages 10 - 70
Actors with strong vocals are needed
For further questions and info:  

This enthralling and suspenseful romantic mystery has something for everyone. Lost in Vegas  is a mesmerizing musical.  Audiences are swept away as the real life stories of several men and women in Las Vegas unfold. It begins at a crime scene and ends in a way you’ll never expect. “Romance, Revenge and Redemption” says it all. Discover the true meaning of love through this fresh and exhilarating musical that has taken thousands by surprise.

Lost in Vegas  is one of our most acclaimed musicals, generating genuine interest from a Broadway producer to bring to New York. This was intentionally delayed for a season of time by Brent Grosvenor and taken to six cities throughout the Northeast. Well over 10,000 people have been stirred, touched and challenged by this show. People of all ages and walks of life LOVE this musical. The crowd responses involve tears, laughter, gasping and cheering with standing ovations at every performance. 

On the Road and More…


This show was many years in the making; a musical and poetic work of art drawn from real life and the experiences of many people. Several of them are friends in Las Vegas, who were willing to tell me their stories. They shared life’s hardships and victories, the highs and lows, their good and bad choices along with the consequences, which all led to where they are today. I am grateful for their honesty and transparency. These people include police officers, prostitutes, casino managers, counselors, waitresses, bartenders, addicts, bell hops, wealthy gamblers, and tourists looking for a good time. Most of this story is built on the true circumstances of many people I cannot name: a casino owner, drug dealer/pimp, a former call-girl, and a cousin of mine who worked undercover for the FBI. No part of it is embellished for dramatic effect. Their stories have been woven together in this live tapestry entitled  Lost in Vegas

Life is made of stories told of you and I
The best ones are of love
Are they a window for
looking through
Into a place or into a world
Beyond our space and time
To be discovered.......On the other side......Of the veil 

Lost in Vegas is a detective/love story. It’s all about relationships and the hunger in each one of us for love and ultimately (if we are honest) divine romance. It’s a story of redemption and forgiveness, but makes no attempt to whitewash the horrors of real life and the evil choices we can make. Each character is on a quest for the light and life often only found in fables and fairy tales. It is a challenge to men and an inspiration to women. Even though it deals with the violent crimes done to women, it is intended to elevate them for who they really are... 

The essence of all God’s beauty
The best is found deep within
They bring harmony to all creation
Sacrificing again and again
They have a strength no man can understand
And a courage that’s unexplained
They rise up like a flower in the springtime
And bring change like the desert rain

Lost in Vegas is ultimately about all sons and daughters on the same journey as part of this epic story called life. It centers around the world of a casino billionaire’s son, Oscar Wilde, and his relationship with Michelle Bancroft, the love of his life and the only person he trusts. As this story unfolds, you will be introduced to Oscar’s struggles and the world of Las Vegas - the city of lights -  the city that never sleeps.  The scene expands as you get to know Oscar’s father (Blaise Wilde), meet a former drug dealer, (Tyler Dey), a washed-up business man (Harry Trudeaux), a call-girl (Jess Valentine), the sister of a murdered call-girl (Darla Belafonte), local homicide detectives (Keith and Salvatore), Michelle’s cousin (Freddie) and another wealthy son (Cameron DeYoung) who wants nothing to do with his illustrious father (Jack DeYoung). The paths of these men and women cross and become twisted and intertwined into one grand tapestry. Each decision and each new friendship ripples far beyond what one can imagine. Their worlds are pulled into one as a result of the investigation of Jennie Belafonte’s murder.  Everyone wants to know the truth, some want to make things right, and others only want to further their own agenda. In the end, truth and love win.

Oscar is named after the late 19th Century writer and poet (1854-1900) . His writing was genius, provocative and enlightening, but his personal life was all about pleasure-seeking and sensual living. Underneath it all he had serious life-questions and often wrote about spirituality and the one he referred to as “The Christ.” Blaise Wilde takes his philosophical and moral views from the late Irish poet with no concern over spiritual matters. His son, who bears the same name, is also a writer and artist of sorts. He has had his own share of pleasure-seeking, but following several years of drug abuse and wild, scandalous living, he’s now consumed with finding answers to life’s toughest questions. He still suffers from the pain of his mother’s disappearance when he was thirteen and believes that his pursuit of truth and love will somehow lead him to God. The decisions of another billionaire’s son (Cameron), who is running from God, are used as a catalyst for Oscar’s discoveries and a change of heart.
As a writer, I also find it important to be relevant and true to life without ignoring our spiritual needs and desires. I have studied philosophy, religion and literature and in the end I’m faced with a serious question - “What do I do with The Christ?” Was he mortal or was he divine? He has proven himself to be divine and personal to men and women throughout the ages - the good, the bad, rich and poor alike. He said, “I am the way to the Father.” And it is this Father who sees us all as His own sons and daughters, no matter what we do.  I hope you enjoy the show and the stories that lie therein.

Look into this story
His love will rain
And look beyond your own
Into your world
Into the face of God
And show you a place 
He is your open door
To be discovered
He’ll show you what life is for    
On the other side... of the veil.