Mystery is a thrilling, thought-provoking and stirring global “treasure hunt”. This contemporary musical full of plot-twists and unexpected turns reveals how the message of wonder and grace are key to unlocking the hidden treasure!! This is the story of one family’s search for buried treasure somewhere in Eastern Europe. They are driven to extreme measures to find it. But…history has secrets and many riddles must be solved. The colorful characters in this saga must face their enemies and the evils of this world, from cancer to con artists, while grappling with life’s toughest questions. In the end, their discovery becomes a matter of life and death. In the end, the treasure they find is beyond their wildest imagination.

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The Keys

The Keys is the 10th musical by Brent Grosvenor. Unlock the mysteries of life. This eclectic show is a riveting, inspiring and entertaining journey of redemption and restoration that explores what Jesus really said and who He was.

The Passion and the Cross

Join us for an enchanting journey back to the first century when Jesus walked the earth. The Passion and the Cross is Brent Grosvenor’s follow-up musical to The Passion of the King, which ran for 10 successful seasons in New England. This show features five of the favorite songs from The Passion of the King and seven brand new songs, along with other musical orchestrations that will speak to your heart and keep you riveted to the story. The show begins in Galilee, at the peak of Jesus’ ministry, and ends just after His resurrection in Jerusalem. You will hear it all from men, women and children who were witnesses to the teaching, miracles and compassion of Jesus Christ. You are sure to gain beautiful insight into the Scripture along with the teachings and parables of Christ, which includes a moving and elaborate scene featuring all children. Brace yourself for that. Each scene and piece of music is intended to bring God’s word and truth to life in a relevant and clear way. Our prayer is that you understand God’s love, grace, and holiness along with His passion to touch and change your life. What He has done in the lives of people through the ages, He longs to do in your life today. He will save it, change it, and give you wonderful purpose.

Prince of Peace: The Christmas Story

This is a new one act Christmas musical by Brent Grosvenor. Similar to "The Passion" muscials and Pillars of Fire, this show takes us back to the first century on another epic journey into the birth of Christ and the world as it was then. This telling of the Christmas story is relevant and rich, giving us the backstory and context of the coming of the Messiah. All this is done using primarily traditional Christmas songs we are all familiar with. Brent’s compositions are reminiscent of his other Biblical shows and include a few original songs to stir the soul and give deep insight into the purpose of the birth and life of Jesus.

Pillars of Fire

An inspiring epic journey through time into the world of the Apostle Paul, the Roman Empire and a young girl from the great city of Rome. This musical will encourage, motivate and challenge the heart. It will also answer many questions people have about the Christian faith in a fresh, clear way from the perspective of the first century and roots of Christianity.

The Passion of the King

The Passion of the King is an epic and comprehensive musical about God’s plan for humankind. The scriptures come alive as the audience is taken on a journey through time to observe the beginning of a new Kingdom. Learn how God prepared the world and the hearts of people for the coming King of Kings, Jesus Christ. Discover why He was called the Lamb of God and proclaimed as the Lord of all. See and feel His compassion for the masses as He goes against the tides of culture and tradition in order to heal the brokenhearted. Find out why He changed the world. Journey with us to the time of the most influential person in human history. Return to ancient times with a modern-day Thomas and get enveloped in this musical, with its cinematic score, high-energy songs, and beautiful ballads. Revisit the days of Abraham, King David, the prophet Isaiah, the disciples of Jesus, and the women and children who put their hope in the Messiah. See why they adored Him and how they paved the way for future generations. Come back with us to hear His teachings and take part in His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Experience His arrest, trial, and crucifixion. Witness His resurrection from the grave. This is the story of how the passion of a loving God became the passion of a mighty King.

The Richest Man in the Valley

The first Christmas musical written by Brent Grosvenor. This is a moving contemporary and fresh approach to the meaning of Christmas. Meet a modern day "scrooge" and a twist on a an old fable (the richest man in the valley). This show has been licensed and produced in a bout 70 places around the world.