The Keys

Unlock the Mysteries of Life
A riveting, inspiring and entertaining journey of redemption and restoration that explores what Jesus really said and who He was.

18 May (Saturday) – 1600 – Europort International Church – Rotterdam, Netherlands –  Nieuwe Binnenweg 326 Rotterdam – FREE ADMISSION
22-23 May (Wed/Thur) – 1930 – Theater Zuidplein – Rotterdam, Netherlands
Zuidplein 60-64 3083 CW Rotterdam DOORS OPEN AT 1830 FOR ART EXHIBITION – tickets are 10 Euro. All proceeds go toward FIGHTING HUMAN TRAFFICKING in Rotterdam.
26 May (Sunday) – 1700 – Brussels Christian CenterFRENCH SUBTITLES – Grasmuslaan, 25 Sint-Genesius-Rode 1640 Waterloo, Belgium – FREE ADMISSION
1-2 June – 1700 –  Kościół BETANIA – Katowice, Poland  – POLISH SUBTITLES – Gliwicka 267, Katowice – FREE ADMISSION – For questions call –  698 021 482 or go to 
7-8 June – 1900 –  Kosćian, Poland  – POLISH SUBTITLES – More details later.
14-15 June – 1900 –  Leszno, Poland  – POLISH SUBTITLES – More details later.

The Keys is the brand new musical by Brent Grosvenor. It has been two years in the making. This show is an enchanting “experience.” The Keys is innovative, artistic, deeply challenging and inspiring, with beautiful lighting and scenery that utilizes projection and high tech intelligent lights.  

Brent Grosvenor plays The Teacher and tells the story of his own “fall” from Faith. He takes the audience through his experience of becoming a self-righteous, modern day “Pharisee” to falling back into his worst sins and addictions, losing his wife and all that mattered. The audience is then taken on a ride through his own journey of redemption and restoration after rediscovering “the keys” to Christianity and the core of what Jesus taught. If you are a non believer, you will “get it” and understand like never before what true Christianity is. At the same time, the professing Christian is challenged, enlightened and revived in a way they will NOT expect.

This musical is fresh, relevant, timely and truly AMAZING. The Keys is loved by all ages and those from all walks of life, including the non-theater going person. There is something for everyone. Join us for a performance near you.