For years Brent Grosvenor has helped many drama and theater groups take their organization or show to another level. Brent has consulted for producers and directors and churches and worked with actors, writers and technicians. He has also taught workshops on storytelling, theater production, writing and acting for musical theater. With nearly 20 years of experience in writing, producing, touring and performing since the founding of Lights Up Productions, we hope to pass on what we’ve learned and what we’ve experienced. Striving for excellence is vital in every area of a production and the arts. 

  1. Lighting – Countless churches have asked for help in properly lighting their productions or stage. And we understand budget constraints, but also understand the right way to do it. Too often technical design companies come in and quote jobs for lighting or sound and too often they just don’t “get it” and most of the expense is overinflated installation prices. We’ve looked at their quotes and the product they are planning to instal and many times have found that it’s just the wrong direction and wrong price. We can help you choose what’s best for you according to your budget. And if you’re a church, we get church life, budgets and ministry. Lighting design is IMG_6908too often overlooked and under budgeted. Brent and his daughter, Aria Grosvenor, have consulted, designed and installed many systems. Aria is also currently studying lighting design in St. Louis at Webster University and learning from some of the best in the industry. She is ingeniously creative and willing to help. Spending her entire life touring and working with Lights Up, she is key to how we can help you. If you need help, contact us right away at
  2. Production – Theater, and especially musical theater, has many moving parts and it’s important to understand how those parts are all properly connected, from start to finish. Very few directors are producers. Very few musicians and artist can produce. And in amateur theater or church productions, this is often the downfall. It’s often a lot of disconnected “craziness” with nobody at the production helm who can hone the entire event to a smooth, seamless and whole work of art with a powerful impact on the hearts of the audience.
  3. Writing – Live theater and screenplays live and die immediately on the script. Bad writing can’t be overcome with huge budgets and great actors. In Christian circles, the single greatest need is good writing… seriously. It can be rather time consuming for us to read scripts and offer advice, but there are many really huge areas of advice Brent can offer when it comes to your scripts. If you need help or have questions, contact us right away.

We hope to hear from you about any of your production, stage or lighting needs. It’s all about the hearts of our audience… what they HEAR, SEE, AND UNDERSTAND.   or call Brent at (860) 305 1061