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The mission of Lights Up Productions is to produce original, relevant and professional musical theater that honors God and spreads the light of Christ through stories that stir the soul, inspire the heart and challenge the mind, impacting destinies.

The vision of Lights Up Productions Inc. As we continue to produce original musicals out of the Hartford region, our goal is to grow into a production company with full-time actors, designers and a technical crew. We are privileged to have a home base with a 900 seat state-of-the-art auditorium, but it is vital that we take our shows to theaters, into the public places of our culture and across Europe. With proper funding and support we hope to use some of the large union houses in some of our major cities. There is real hunger and desire in the hearts and minds of people everywhere for spiritual things, to know truth and find the answers to life’s toughest questions and the meaning of life. Musical theater is one of the best mediums for helping people in that endeavor.

In 1997 Brent Grosvenor and his wife Tami launched Lights Up. Brent’s first musical, From My Rags to His Riches kicked off near Seattle and toured to over 34 states with 292 performances, including a short run at The Lamb’s theater in New York (the largest Off-Broadway theater at that time). In October of 1999 they moved their home base to Connecticut. 

Because of Brent’s love for history and American spiritual awakenings he decided to write a musical based on the life and legacy of one of Americas most prominent revivalist’s, Billy Sunday. Sunday in Manhattan began in 2001. It was performed 229 times all over America and seen by nearly 100,000 people. During this time he wrote a Christmas musical, The Richest Man in the Valley, which is now being produced and performed by churches and theater groups around the world. In March of 2008 Brent launched his musical, The Passion of the King, an epic style musical with a cinematic flair about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. There is no musical about the life of Christ quite like this one. The Passion continues to play every Easter with sold out crowds in Connecticut and is now available for licensing. After years of hard work, the contemporary, thought provoking musical, Lost in Vegas finally got off the ground in January of 2010 to 4,000 “screaming fans”… seriously. This detective/love story took everyone by surprise. The show returned nine months later for another 3,000 people. Finally, in the Fall of 2011, Lost in Vegas was taken on the road with a cast and crew of 35 people. The first stop in Wilbraham, Massachusetts was snowed out (along with a power outage) and postponed, but a week later the show went on to Woodbridge, Virginia for nearly 1,500 people. It was a huge success. Then came another sold out show in East Hartford, CT and returned to Wilbraham, MA for an amazing two shows for about 650 more people. In the Fall of 2012 back in Massachusetts, we packed out Calvary Christian Church in Lynnfield, MA twice and turned away over 100 the second night. Our fifth city in twelve months came at the end of October in Fitchburg, MA. In the Fall of 2013, Lost in Vegas returned to Crossroads where we finally captured the show on film for an upcoming video (releasing in May of 2016). Then, we took a twelve hour road trip to western Ohio for another great time on the road. Check out our Facebook page and keep up with the latest.

Brent’s sixth musical, Pillars of Fire, launched in Italy in the Fall of 2013 and played also in Vienna, Austria. Pillars, like the Passion transports audiences through time as history comes to life. It explains the true meaning of the Gospel through the eyes of Paul, The Apostle and a Roman teen girl (Julia) who’s father guarded Paul when under house-arrest in Rome (A.D. 60-62). This high tech, riveting musical is primarily performed by Brent and his daughter Victoria. Touring continued in the U.S. and then returned to Austria and Poland in 2015 using all Polish subtitles (live). To learn about the unprecedented results in Poland, go here. The next tour of “Pillars of Fire” is scheduled for May and June of 2016. Missions and taking the gospel to other countries has never been an option for Lights Up. Poland, followed by Europe is the primary focus and passion of their work overseas.

Then in November of 2016, the very creative, artistic and philosophical musical, Mystery, was launched. Audiences were certainly taken on an entertaining, artistic, plot twisting “ride.” People laughed and cried and hearts were touched by the message of God’s unending love for us all, no matter what choices we’ve made. As many discovered the priceless treasure of God’s grace, they found an open door to hope, healing and true faith. Please read on and hear what a few others have said through email, texts and Facebook posts. They are not all believers and some are now exploring the Christian faith more seriously than ever. And this December of 2016 the next first century show comes in the form of a new Christmas show entitled “Prince of Peace.”

Brent Grosvenor was raised on the Nez Pierce Indian reservation in Northern Idaho. His mother and father both sing and play music and his former step-father was also a talented musician and leader of his own rock & roll band. The hardships of divorce and alcoholism did not stop him from dreaming big and pursuing what he loved to do. After years of un-conventional training in music, he found his place in a semi-professional regional theater in Lewiston, ID. He received exceptional training in musical theater from a former Broadway entertainer, Fred Scheibe. Brent has played roles ranging from Will Parker in Oklahoma, Woody Mahony in Finians Rainbow to Zepo in A Day in Hollywood A Night in the Ukraine. While making plans to go to Juliard, he gave his life to Jesus Christ during his senior year of high school in 1986. He took a turn from moving to New York and pursuing a career in theater to begin studying for the ministry. He is a graduate of Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington with a B.A. in Biblical Literature. His wife Tami grew up in a Christian home on a farm in Northwest Iowa and the daughter of Dr. Eugene and Beverly Ver Steeg. She earned a B.A. in Biblical Literature and a Minor in Missions from Northwest University and went on to get a Masters in Teaching from Seattle University. She has traveled to 16 countries around the world including China, Germany and Honduras. Brent is a credentialed minister with the Assemblies of God. Before founding Lights Up they served in pastoral staff ministry in Seattle and New Jersey.

Tami Grosvenor grew up in a Christian home on a farm in Northwest Iowa and the daughter of Dr. Eugene and Beverly Ver Steeg. Brent and Tami reside in Connecticut with their two girls, Aria and Victoria. They have been to 50 states together and over 40 national parks along with Israel and Egypt and across much of Europe.

Where did the name Lights Up come from? In theater, lighting is like the spirit of the show. It breathes life into the set, costumes and performers. Hearing is important, but seeing is believing. A story rises from two-dimensional to 3D. Light pushes out the darkness. Light illumines beyond stuff and body’s on stage. Light brings the art to life. Light stimulates all of the senses as one feels and thinks and becomes part of the scene. A good novelist describes, in detail, the setting, the event, the mood, atmosphere, and so on. Sometimes, while reading a good book, one can even smell what is described or feel a certain emotion based on the description. Light brings detail and description. Bad lighting could ruin a good set or became a major distraction. Good lighting breathes LIFE onto a stage and allows the story to breathe back onto the audience.


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