About Us

THE MISSION OF LIGHTS UP PRODUCTIONS IS TO PRODUCE ORIGINAL, RELEVANT AND PROFESSIONAL MUSICAL THEATER from a christian worldview. Please take 4 minutes to watch this new commemorative video celebrating 24 years and  our new chapter in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

There is real hunger and desire in the hearts and minds of people everywhere for spiritual things, to know truth and find the answers to life’s toughest questions and the meaning of life. Musical theater is one of the best mediums for helping people in that endeavor.

In 1997 Brent Grosvenor and his wife Tami launched Lights Up. Brent’s first musical, From My Rags to His Riches, kicked off near Seattle and toured to over 34 states with 292 performances, including a short run at The Lamb’s Theater in New York (the largest Off-Broadway theater at that time). In October of 1999 they moved their home base to Connecticut. 

 Since then, he's written nine more musicals, with cast sizes ranging from two to 100. They have privileged to have partnered with Crossroads Community Cathedral in E. Hartford, CT with the use of their 900 seat state of the art auditorium. Tens of thousands have come through those doors to see the variety of shows produced there. They have toured several shows throughout the U.S. with six tours in Europe. 

Where did the name Lights Up come from? In theater, lighting is like the spirit of the show. It breathes life into the set, costumes and performers. Hearing is important, but seeing is believing. A story rises from two-dimensional to 3D. Light pushes out the darkness. Light illumines beyond stuff and body’s on stage. Light brings the art to life. Light stimulates all of the senses as one feels and thinks and becomes part of the scene. A good novelist describes, in detail, the setting, the event, the mood, atmosphere, and so on. Sometimes, while reading a good book, one can even smell what is described or feel a certain emotion based on the description. Light brings detail and description. Bad lighting could ruin a good set or became a major distraction. Good lighting breathes LIFE onto a stage and allows the story to breathe back onto the audience.

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